Anne O'Hagan

I tell stories. Yours.

Anne O'Hagan a writer, strategist and book collaborator and the co-author of Jean Hough Davey’s memoir, The Only Woman in the Room: The Making of a Stockbroker (2017). 


I see book projects as creative collaborations, organic enterprises that can morph and grow, rebel (even revolt), claim victories and make heroes. It's not magic though; success depends on the process. Working collaboratively, I help bring book concepts to life. I draw out the material, find the narrative arc, identify a structure, create market positioning and package it. I can also write on your behalf (see below for an example). Whether you’re a published author or an aspiring one, and regardless of format or topic, collaboration makes everything better. I bring fresh eyes. 

The Only Woman in the Room: The Making of a Stockbroker is the story of Jean Hough Davey, one of the first women in North America to be licensed as a stockbroker, and her remarkable ascent to the highest levels of her profession. Starting out in the 1960s, in the heyday of the ‘old boys’ club’ and the three-martini lunch, a time when women were neither accepted nor encouraged to enter the fray of finance, Jean was a pioneer.  As much a memoir as a portrait of an era, The Only Woman in the Room melds together Jean’s personal and business lives over the past 50 years. In a lively and unaffected narrative, she recounts how, as a young wife and mother, she was galvanized by simple necessity, then propelled forward by her own sheer wit, drive and determination. 

  • Selected recent projects
  • Conceptual development, collaborative writing and management of the publishing process of “The Only Woman in the Room: The Making of a Stockbroker” (2017) 
  • Conceptual development, detailed outline and coaching for a first-time author interested in writing narrative nonfiction.  As a result of our work together and the proposal I produced, my client now has a signed book deal with Penguin Random House.  
  • Structural editing of a high-profile political memoir that had run amok. Working collaboratively, we re-shaped the manuscript to return it to a viable state for publication.